Applied Aikido is field of study of how aikido can be applied to daily life in different domains (health, communication, education, peace, business,..).

Applied Aikido is developed and proposed by professionals in the above domains of application.

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As a martial art stressing victory without harm, Aikido can be used as an embodied way to enhance your leadership skills. Aiki applied to leadership is an embodied commitment to Cooperation and partnership.

Tolerance, respect, non-violence, turning violence into dialogue, these are some of the benefits of Aikido applied in the schools and for kids.

Aikido founder’s vision was that aikido would become a way to reconcile the world and to bring humanity together. Given the level of conflict around the world today, it is clear how urgently we need to share that vision with the world.

Coaching, Communication
Conflict management, mediation
Therapy, Well-being

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  • Applied Aikido for work and daily life

    As a non-violent martial art, Aikido can be applied for conflict mgt, better relations, cooperation, communication

  • Embodied practice, philosophy in the flesh

    Aiki is about learning with our body the principles of smooth communication, transforming opposition in cooperation, finding more peace in a harsch environments

  • Conflict without violence

    When stakes are high, our mind get disconnected. Aiki practice reunify us, body and mind, to restore peace and dialogue

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Applied Aikido can be defined as a field (ie as particular branch of study or sphere of activity or interest). As applied science is the application of science, Applied Aikido is the application of Aikido in life.

What are our objectives?

We want to

  • create a repository of practices, approaches, models, techniques, processes developped as long as it is based on aikido (either based on the physical practice or based on its values, philosophy, principles)
  • propose
    • a directory of professionals using Applied Aikido in their activities: trainings, workshops, coaching, therapy
    • an agenda of activities and events organized by Applied Aikido professionals
    • an eShop to order DVD’s, books and other tools and products around Applied Aikido
  • develop a network of professionals, experts, trainers and coaches who are developping approaches or using applied aikido elements in their trainings and professional activities
  • organize conferences to meet and share our practices. These conferences will be proposed locally (in your region, your country) and globally (to gather and meet from all over the world)

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