Study Aikido To Become A Better Business Leader

Original post written by Drew Hansen

Generally speaking, aikido emphasizes the blending, rather than resisting, of energy from an attacker (or situation). Paradoxically, I’m learning to succeed by surrendering.

The first principle of aikido is to be fully present. “When your attention connects with your experience you are present to your life.” Too many people, including business leaders, are disconnected from their life experience — either ruminating on the past or worrying about the future.

The second principle is adaptability. Align with life as it unfolds. Awareness makes it possible to develop a harmonious relationship with what’s happening. Accept the situation; don’t resist it.

The third principle is to make a contribution. “Aikido is not passive and harmony does not imply giving up.” From a position of awareness and acceptance, a leader can mindfully influence a situation, rather than mindlessly react to it. I believe that this is the essence of personal responsibility.

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