Welcome again!

This page intend to explain you the why and the how to apply for becoming an applied Aikido Professional and get access to all facilities!

  • Are you familiar with the Aiki principles and its ethics ?
  • When you mention Aikido, is it more than the metaphor of not opposing with the energy of the attack ?

These are some of the important questions we’d like to ask you if you want to apply for becoming an Applied Aikido Professional (AAP).

We do not intend to setup a committee that will approve or reject your request.

We build our system on peer recognition.

If you feel you are an AAP, you inevitably have contacts with other persons in the world of training or of aikido.

We ask you then (if we do not know you) to ask a recommandation from another AAP.

If you don’t know any other AAP, then send us a description of your practice with preferably a video showing what you do. We accept the risk of accepting people who are not fully AAP’s.

We believe that the group’s dynamics will inevitably help to identify potential false-AAP’s

If you feel you fulfill the conditions described here above, here is the description of the procedure:

  1. Click on the register button and fill in the informations. don’t worry you can always update or correct it afterwards
  2. Once you filled in your information, we invite you to send us an email via the contact form so that we can quickly examine your information. We regularily check for new registration but we are not permanently online.
  3. If your information are ok, we validate your profile and your appear in the directory of Applied Aikido Professionals

Are you ready ?

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