About the Applied Aikido Association

The Applied Aikido Association was formed by an international group of experienced Applied Aikido practitioners, led by Christian Vanhenten from Belgium.

The formation was driven partly by the Covid-19 situation, during which the group felt that the community, organisation, and businesses, could greatly benefit from the aikido learnings we had gained from practice on the mat.

The purpose of the association is to support people intending to deliver Applied Aikido, through fellowship and networking, training resources, and pathways to build their exposure and reputation. The association will maintain a scope of practice and standards of ethics, to ensure quality of delivery by its professional members.

The association also works on raising awareness among the public about Applied Aikido and its potential benefits, and connects potential customers with the most suitable providers.

If you wish to join the association, or need further information on services provided by our members, please get in touch. We would be happy to help!

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