About the Applied Aikido Association

The Applied Aikido Association was formed by an international group of experienced Applied Aikido practitioners, led by Christian Vanhenten from Belgium.

The formation was driven partly by the Covid-19 situation, during which the group felt that the community, organisation, and businesses, could greatly benefit from the aikido learnings we had gained from practice on the mat.


The mission of the Applied Aikido Association (AAA) is to create a recognized field of knowledge known as Applied Aikido and support its performance practice in a wide variety of environments and applications.

We see the formation of this field of knowledge and practice as the formation of a network of interested practitioners who share knowledge and experience and conduct an open dialogue. We welcome both professionals and interested parties as members of this association.

A practitioner of Applied Aikido empowers others through physical experience to develop personally, overcome setbacks, learn to cope with pressure and conflict, and expand intuitive awareness.

This field of knowledge is defined by the following principles and practices of Aikido:

1. Presence - Opening the Body 

  • Being conscious of our physical presence,
  • Sensing and extending vital energy, facing and entering into the challenge,
  • Supported by centred attention, vertical alignment and grounded awareness,
  • Attention flows freely and field consciousness is experienced.

2. Harmony - Opening the Heart

  • Attune somatically and sense the resonance of the relationship,
  • Expand and unify energetically, blending with the challenging force,
  • Care, have empathy and be kind,
  • Pressure, adversity and conflict transform into harmony.

3 Inquiry - Opening the Mind

  • Let go of self preoccupation and personal goals,
  • Open to intuitive knowledge and wisdom through not-knowing,
  • Discover unitive consciousness beyond the self.

A practitioner of Applied Aikido enables others through physical practices and movement to address personal development, overcome adversity or manage pressure or conflict, and awaken intuitive awareness with the following basic dimensions and elements of Aikido:

  1. Somatic attunement; embodied presence.
  2. Blending; connecting and engaging harmoniously.
  3. Communication harmony; an ethical intention of empathy.
  4. Centered attention.
  5. Grounded awareness.
  6. Vertically aligned: head-heart-hara.
  7. Energy extending: not predisposed pushing/caving/rigid.
  8. Transforming adversity or conflict.
  9. Opening or releasing attention to the larger field of awareness beyond the self, into the consciousness of unity, and the wisdom of not knowing; intuition or conscious imagination. 

The purpose of the association is to support people intending to deliver Applied Aikido, through fellowship and networking, training resources, and pathways to build their exposure and reputation. The association will maintain a scope of practice and standards of ethics, to ensure quality of delivery by its professional members.

The association also works on raising awareness among the public about Applied Aikido and its potential benefits, and connects potential customers with the most suitable providers.

If you wish to join the association, or need further information on services provided by our members, please get in touch. We would be happy to help!