convergence of different approaches

Applied Aikido Approaches

Applied Aikido is not a monolithic entity. It is made up of a number of different approaches. Each of them applying Aikido principles or implementing elements of its bodily practice.

Why so many different approaches ?

Each approach is the result of an original assembly between some elements of aikido and other domains that are part of the background of the Applied aikido creator. This background could be, for example, NVC (non violent communication), NLP (Neuo Linguistic Programming),, Mindfulness, coaching practices, trauma therapy or stress management practices, leadership models, etc.

The finality of the approach is also important to determine the form and the content of each of these approaches.

In fact, the diversity of these approaches composing Applied Aikido is a richness and a concrete implementation of Aiki values: blending the diversity.

You’ll find on this website a description of some of these approaches. Our objective is to gather all known Applied Aikido approaches so that you will be able to choose the one you need.