Creator, Developper:

Christian Vanhenten (Belgium)


AikiCom or Aikido communication has been created in 2008 by Christian Vanhenten. Christian Vanhenten is NLP master specialized in modeling human excellence. He used his skills to model the benefits of years of practice of aikido on our daily life.

Communication has to be understood in its wide acception of everything that affects, impacts a living being. “One cannot not communicate” said Paul Watzlawick.

Inspired by aikido as a martial art, AikiCom began as a way to handle conflicts positively. And not only conflicts with other people. Anything that goes wrong can be handled with AikiCom. It is received like an aikidoist is handling an attack: without opposing to the force and by moving out of the danger line.

From the development of AikiCom emerged a coaching practice: aiki-coaching. By combining the best NLP models and techniques with aikido, aiki-coaching is a physical coaching. It is waking up our “somatic intelligence”. The coach is put in a condition where he has to “do” something with his/her body rather than thinking about his/her problem (see aiki-coaching for more details)


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