Somatic Consensus

Somatics is a cutting-edge and proven movement in education, psychology, philosophy, and in design. It is an interdisciplinary discipline that addresses the many unique facets that make up a person’s character, resilience, and experience.   Somatic Consensus as a coaching tool helps us to access the resources of our historical experiences and through recurrent practice learn new skills and interpretations. The necessary ability to shift behavior and thinking cannot happen solely by creating new ideas or goals. Our personal histories shape our habits and behaviors. As we develop, these patterns of behavior that once worked well for us now produce limitations that sabotage present interactions. In challenging moments our bodies automatically contract around old emotional hurts and traumas. These deep and learned protection mechanisms have long guarded our precious selves.  In these moments it becomes exceedingly difficult to be empathic because empathy is an expansive, physical state.

How can we transmit trust if our body says one thing and our words say another?

Reconnecting to the deeper currents below our reactions opens us to our own unique gifts to the world. It takes creative, deliberate, and inspired practice over time to transform old habits into such resources. Our programs emphasize ways of such deep practice.

 Somatic Consensus practices help align our core values with our words and actions. By “coming to our senses,” we can access a discriminating wisdom and be more balanced and centered as we face the unknowns of life, love and learning.

In all of our trainings we place an emphasis on creating a safe space to learn about ourselves, that honors diversity and grows trust.  Working together speeds the process of changing habits. Individual and interactive evaluative processes help clients become aware of their own cultural and historical reflexive and automatic behaviors. Choice enters where there was previously only unexamined reaction. This allows for more effective collaboration and cooperation. All this together unfolds a process where each student chooses deliberate practices that help him or her cultivate natural strengths and talents on the road to become whom it is they wish to become.

To live our lives fully, it is essential to understand and articulate what we deeply care about. This is where Somatic Consensus begins. Somatic Consensus training engages our physical, emotional, linguistic, intellectual and intuitive resources and helps them work together so we can build our capacity to manage mood and emotion, take skillful, decisive action and relate compassionately. In our busyness, relationships are often not given what they need. Somatic Consensus training brings our attention more squarely into our bodies and its’ emotional and intuitive resources. By paying attention to the signals of our bodies and senses, we can access a discriminating wisdom and be more balanced, resourceful and centered as we face the uncertainty of life, business and relationships.

With Somatic Consensus, internal consensus and building consensus with others become one integrated practice. Its practice cultivates an environment that is generative for both the individual and the whole and it represents the best of what a new paradigm for the world might be.

These programs draw from the fields of:

  • Somatics and Somatic Psychology
  • The non-aggressive martial art of Aikido
  • Nonviolent Communication
  • Consensus Decision-Making models
  • Mindfulness

Objectives and Outcomes in a nutshell: 

  • Sustainability
  • Skill building
  • Caring relationships and fostering empathy
  • Empowerment for the students and the school
  • Enhanced critical thinking and performance
  • Accountability and personal investment