In Search of Martial Kindness

Title: In Search of Martial Kindness

How can you live in peace while respecting others and also yourself? Many people try to live in keeping with their personal values of peace and harmony, but run up against a harsh world that sometimes sees the expression of kindness as a weakness. But you have to be strong to be kind. That is what In Search of Martial Kindness will show you.

As you read this book, you will discover the fundamentals of AikiCom, an approach that combines the principles and ethics of aikido.

You will learn:

How AikiCom is a blend of physical and verbal approaches
How AikiCom grew from the modeling of Aiki practice in Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)
How to apply Aiki in daily life and in your communication with others, whether you practice aikido or not
How to apply Eastern thought to move from individualism to an interconnected view of the world
How to become strong through centering and verticality
How to receive the energy of your interactions with others in order to transform conflict into constructive dialogue.
In Search of Martial Kindness will set you on the path of kind and caring warriors who dare to experience the adventure of getting along with oneself and others.

About the author:

Christian Vanhenten is an engineer and NLP Master Practitioner. He has been trained in numerous communication techniques and has been practicing aikido for more than forty years. The author created AikiCom in 2008 while teaching this martial art at his dojo in Namur, Belgium. Since then, he has devoted himself entirely to developing and teaching AikiCom and has been working actively on the spreading of aikido principles in the business world, education, and therapy.

Original book: Ne Cessez pas d’être gentils soyez forts
Translated by Theodore Kendris
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