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Brandon Wlliams Craig
Chris Thorsen

Over the last forty years, I’ve advised senior executives in a wide variety of organizations.

I’ve helped CXOs of industry leading communications and technology companies grow their companies exponentially. I’ve helped leaders of old line utility companies revitalize their moribund cultures. And I’ve helped directors of international policy institutes establish their global presence.

My work has included development coaching to executives and their teams leading organizational transformations at Disney World, Lucent Technologies, Intel, Kaiser Permanente and Unocal. I was fortunate to help build out the wireless industry, spending twelve years as an integral member of the executive teams that started and operated Cellular One and Nextel Communications.

In the late nineties, I spent five years providing periodic Conflict Resolution Seminars for policy leaders from the Turkish and Greek factions on the war torn Island of Cyprus. I was a founding consultant of Interaction Associates, the internationally known facilitation and training firm.

I have a Masters Degree from the University of San Francisco in Community Organization and OD and am a contributor to The Dance of Change, the Fifth Discipline Resource Book. I am a pioneer in the application of the principles of Aikido [The Art of Peace] and Bohm’s Dialogue to leadership mastery, team synergy and organizational strategy.

I have studied and taught Aikido for over forty years and am a master of Haiku, the Zen poetry of deep presence in Nature. I have two daughters, both professionals in the health industry, and my wife, Susan, and I live on Whidbey Island in the Puget Sound.

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Christian Vanhenten
Co creating a more Aiki World
I started to practice Aikido in 1972. Since 1985 I learned a lot of practices to understand how to change and evolve toward a happy life. As Aikido has had such a huge impact on my life that I decided to identify what this martial art was offering us; not as a practice of martial art on a mat but in daily life. This led to the creation of AikiCom. I am now fully devoted to developping AikiCom and offering workshops and coaching based on AikiCom but also NLP, NVC, Mindfulness, hypnosis ,..
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Aikido Experience: 
4th Dan Aikikai, teaching aikido in his dojo in Namur (Belgium)

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David Ellard
I provide wellness services to individuals, businesses and public sector organisations. This includes stress management workshops and embodied leadership workshops. These workshops utilise ideas and principles from Aikido. Furthermore, I have found that when I teach yoga, or other mind-body movement practices to groups, I utilise some ideas and metaphors from my aikido teaching and training to better illustrate certain themes and ideas. Using the Verbal Aikido approach, we share and help people from all backgrounds to train and develop the Aikido reflexes in everyday life.
Aikido Experience: 
I hold a 4th degree black belt in Aikido which I continue to both train and teach. I’ve also studied number of other martial arts over the years
Greet De Baets
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Aikido Experience: 
Aikido, Iaido and Iaijutsu are my hobbies, my passion. I combine my passion with my profession, i.e. I use aikido to teach communication skills.
Hans de Win
Of course in aikido we are most related to the people we practise with. Therefore I am mainly related to the members of our aikido-club 'saam-aikido' where I teach two groups. The persons I see as my most important aikido-teachers are Kenjiro Yoshigasaki sensei and Corky Quakenbush sensei. The persons I relate to in Aplied Aikido are Christian Vanhenten, Paul Linden and Olivier Gourmet.
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Jamie Zimron
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Jerry Green
Retired Attorney Jerry A. Green graduated from University of California in Berkeley and attended Boalt Law School. He defended holistic health practitioners and pioneered role clarification and published and lectured on the healthcare contract. He is a special consultant to other attorneys on medical issues in malpractice cases and an advisor to CommonSpace Community Land Trust. He studied Somatics, Structural Integration and has trained in Aikido since 1980. Currently he chairs the NorCal Elder Council of The Mankind Project. Website:
JeanPhilippe Compan
Aikido Experience: 
Je pratique depuis 1977, 2eme dan en 1990 et brevet fédéral (enseignement) en 1995. J\'ai enseigné 15 ans durant (cours enfants, cours adultes, journées portes ouvertes,...). Je n\'ai plus passé de grade depuis l\'obtention de mon 2eme Dan. je pratique toujours...
Jack Richford
"To Be or Not to Be" and "Do or Do Not, There is No Try"
I am a retired National Board Certified counselor (NBPTS) and training consultant with a M.Ed. and extensive combined experience in business, industry, and education. Proven track record as a learning facilitator in designing and conducting training programs for adults and young people in leadership development. An articulate speaker with the ability to quickly establish rapport with trainees by utilizing motivational teaching techniques and imparting a genuine concern for individuals.
Approach: I have been working with VOCAL Model of Christian Vanhenten to apply AIKI principles in regular aikido curriculum and in organization workshops (Rotary) for Youth and Community Conflict mediation services.
Aikido Experience: 
I have been doing Aikido for over 25 years. Began study in 1989 with student of Gakku Homma Sensei, Aikido Nippon Kan in Denver, Co., in Richmond, VA. Received Shodan rank under direction of Bill Witt, Shihan, Iwama Ryu. Training with Aikido Schools of Ueshiba, Mitsugi Saotome, Shihan. Received Nidan rank in 2009. See PORTFOLIO

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Luke Archer
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Lynda Heffernan
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Aikido Experience: 
I have been practicing for 38 years I have been teaching for 35 years. Rank 7th dan. Teachers were Ken Williams affiliated to the Ki no Kenyukai under Tohei. Then aligned with Maruyama sensei. Co created Aikido for Daily life with my brother in 2005.
Quentin Cooke
Started in April 1984 and reached the rank of 7th dan. I am co- founder of Aikido for Daily Life, the editor and publisher of a collection of real life aikido stories, 'a Way to Reconcile the World ' and Vice President of Aiki Extensions, an international charity promoting the use of aikido principles in the real world.
Mark Leitzel
Mark is a Consultant and Trainer with 30 years experience in Transpersonal Psychology and Spiritual Direction. As a licensed psychotherapist he has worked with youth and families, and human service organizations in human development and leadership, effectively applying Aikido Principles and Practices in professional clinical settings as well as corporate teams. He is also Co-Dojo Cho / Chief Instructor at Two Rivers Aikido. The Embodiment of Peace Matrix© is developed by Two Rivers Consulting, P.C., Mark Leitzel, MA, LCPC, Leigh Schickendantz, MA, LCPC, The Embodiment of Peace Matrix© (EOP) is a framework, a method, and a guided process of psycho-social-spiritual development outlined through the elements of aikido kihon. It is integrated with what we call Foundations of Harmony or commonly understood as virtues, i.e. Honor, Integrity, Sincerity. EOP clarifies the relational and somatic interpersonal and transpersonal dynamics (within the self, with others, and in the world) of transforming conflict to harmony and finding a more and more persistent state of well-being even in the aftermath and collateral damages of trauma. In becoming leaders of ourselves first and then by example and practical direction, others, we may set a trajectory that expands peace. In this more stable servant leader role we are better and better equipped to navigate our circumstances and choices born out of suffering moving toward an intentional life of wholeness. For over 20 years, The Matrix has been tested and proven clinically effective "in the trenches" of social justice with at risk/at promise populations adolescent through adults and the teams within agencies, institutions, and corporate administrative structures that serve them.
Approach: The Embodiment of Peace Matrix©
Aikido Experience: 
First introduced to Aikido in 1969-70. Formal on the mat training began in 1992.
Winfried Wagner