Applied Aikido Domains

Business & Leadership

As a martial art stressing victory without harm, Aikido can be used as an embodied way to enhance your leadership skills. Aiki applied to leadership is an embodied commitment to Cooperation and partnership.
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Peace Making

Aikido founder’s vision was that aikido would become a way to reconcile the world and to bring humanity together. Given the level of conflict around the world today, it is clear how urgently we need to share that vision with the world.

Schools & Youth

Tolerance, respect, non-violence, turning violence into dialogue, these are some of the benefits of Aikido applied in the schools and for kids. Participate to the Education Forum

Health & Coaching

Aikido has an effect on your well being on different levels. For some people the most obvious one is that it is a form of physical exercise. Connecting with other, being aware of what happens makes me aware of how I am and what I need to pay attention to. Participate to the Health and Coaching Forum

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