Proposing Applied Aikido means we believe in cooperation and synergies. So let’s walk our talk and show the world we can work in an Aiki Way.

Creating a critical mass of professionals
to make Applied Aikido recognized
as a field of knowledge.
You are unique! You are not alone to
apply aikido in so many domains.

Cross-referencing each other
to obtain new contracts.
Develop synergies and cooperations.
Improve our expertise.
Connected we have much more impact than any one of us alone.

a young association

You know the eternal question of the egg and the chicken. If you wait, our association will never grow. We need you to put our structure in place, to offer a full agenda of workshops, to set up a world conference, to pay for commercials on social networks.

Applied Aikido Association is a young association, we are motivated to organize exciting events, promote your activities on social networks and put a professional platform at your disposal. We’ll develop it according to your feedback and requests. For this we need your support through donations and/or membership.

About us

Applied Aikido Association is born in 2018. We started this initiative after many exchanges with professionals applying aikido in their field of expertise.

They all agree that Applied Aikido is not known enough. Each time they have to explain that Applied Aikido is not a singular practice they propose in isolation. Many trainers and coaches are proposing similar approaches around the world. Moreover aikido is often quoted in communication, self-help and even in leadership trainings but most of the time it is limited to presenting aikido as a metaphor.

However aikido has so much more to offer. As a bodily practice first. If Emotional Intelligence is now recognized as an important lever in our professional and private life, Somatic Intelligence is more and more present. The body is regaining its place in our society. And aikido is about harmonizing these 3 intelligences from the body, our emotions and our mind.

The philosophy of aikido is also a critical element. We live in a culture dominated by competition and compounded individualism. Winning without defeating the adversary, finding new cooperation mode, developing new leadership styles are some of the urgent needs of our society.

In view of the above we decided to create an organization for professionals motivated to develop their own approaches based on applied aikido and  this way contributing to push the recognition of Applied Aikido as a field of study, as such.

This way we will reach the “critical mass” of dedicated professionals and facilitate the introduction of Applied aikido in many different domains.

We intend to become a central platform to offer a wide range of workshops, coaching or conferences to our prospects and put all Applied aikido in contact to nurture synergies, cooperations or common developments.


Professional members are located worldwide! You can locate a professional in your area.


Find out what classes or workshops are being offered,


Find books, DVD’s, resources to order and receive at home.



As a teacher in High School, the Applied Aikido workshop I followed changed dramatically the way I am teaching. We really need more Applied Aikido in schools


I work as a trainer in private sector. In 2016 I've contacted by another trainer proposing a similar Applied Aikido practice. This lead to an exciting cooperation in a long term contract with a consulting company.


As a coach I needed to develop a training program for a volley-ball team. Thanks Applied Aikido Association I could get in contact with a coach to develop on time a specific coaching program.

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