Greet De Baets

🥋 Aikido Communication Trainer, Lecturer and Researcher 🎓 | she/her/hers
Belgium (East-Flanders)




I am a business communication teacher and researcher. I am doing PhD research on intercultural business communication training and applied aikido at Ghent University (Belgium). However, my career was outside the academic world until 2016. I worked as a translator, a language teacher, a training coordinator and a communication trainer-coach for private companies and public institutions. My geographical working area comprises Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany. At the same time, the trainees and coachees often come from any country in the European Union. Since 2012, I have even coached many Japanese and some South-Korean ex-pats working in Belgium.


Aikido communication
We apply aikido as a theory. Instead of starting a seminar with a theoretical model in a slideshow, we start with simple martial art movements. We will soon discover that aikido is a clear metaphor. You do the exercises as you see fit. A beginner's technique is enough to feel what it means. You will then learn how to translate the movement into communication. In short, aikido communication for verbal self-defence and harmony: an embodied approach for whoever wants to improve their communication.

Aikido Experience:

Traditional martial arts have been a passion of mine since 1996: tai chi, aikido, iaido and iaijutsu. I manage the aikido dojo (as a dojo cho) in my village, which is affiliated with the Ban Sen Juku school of Tomita Shihan.