Message for you, Applied Aikido Professionals


More and more professionals are applying the principles of aikido to many different domains:

  • business and leadership, education, in schools,
  • youth and education
  • peacemaking,
  • coaching and therapy,
  • ...

This is Applied Aikido: aikido principles, philosophy and practice applied to all domains of life.

The incredible advantage of Applied Aikido is contained (can be resumed) in two main pillars:

  • a philosophy of life and
  • a bodily practice.

The objective of this network:

  • offering more visibility to professionals
  • connecting professionals
  • structuring the sharing of experience, new developments, projects
  • offering a platform of services: directory of pro's, calendar for your, events, publications, DVD’s, books,..


We want to make Applied Aikido a plain field of knowledge recognized in the training and coaching world

For this we want to develop a network of professionals applying aikido in their domains of expertise, we intend to reach a critical mass of professionals that will give Applied Aikido a recognized role

We want to offer a web platform with many different services (a library of material, papers, videos, tutorials, a bibliography of reference books, a directory of professionnals and a global calendar of all AA events.

We also want to create opportunities to meet to network, share our experience and expertise: international conferences, local  and web meeting.

For you, Applied Aikido professionals, we offer you a wonderful opportunity to contribute to impact the world by creating a vast network of expertise.


What are the conditions to be recognized as an Applied Aikido Professional ?

You have to include in your professional practice something about aikido:

  • about the principles and the philosophy of aikido
  • you include a physical practice inspired by the aikido techniques

We also want to underline the necessity of embodying aiki principles in the way you behave as a professional.
Applied Aikido is more than a product you are selling, it is a way of life, an attitude.

More about this, click here

Applied Aikido is a way to reach the critical mass we need to convince your future clients about the power of Applied Aikido.

  • Directory of professionals

    A presentation page where you can describe:

    • who you are, your practice
    • links to your website
    • phone and email, social networks
    • a list of your published papers

  • Calendar of Workshops and events

    Announce your workshops, conferences, events ..

  • Publications

    Share reflexions, experiences, new practices.

  • Book Reviews

    This is where the text for your Feature List Item should go. It's best to keep it short and sweet.

  • online Shop

    A place where visitors can buy:

    • your books,
    • DVD’s and CD’s
    • ..

Join us !

Be part of this wonderful experience and join us to co-create a more Aiki world


Watch our tutorial explaining the registration procedure


Morihei Ueshiba saw Aikido as a way to reconcile the World.
If Aikido dojos all over the world contribute to make his vision true,
You, Applied aikido professionals, you can contribute to it and spread Ueshiba's wisdom to a wider audience

Applied Aikido is a way to reach the critical mass we need to convince your future clients about the power of Applied Aikido.

The Applied aikido Association project mind map