What is Applied Aikido?

Applied Aikido means different things to different people!

Aikido is based on the teachings of Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969), who refined his learning and experience of various Japanese martial arts into an art that is flowing and is based on blending with the attacker’s line of energy. Therefore, it is a form of dealing with incoming aggressive energy with non-resistance, offering a wide range of options to neutralise the attacker, from disablement to extremely gentle control.

Because it is derived from a long lineage of self-development and martial arts, aikido offers a number of benefits:

  • Managing stress under pressure.
  • Attaining resourceful states through change.
  • Shifting from resistance to non-resistance in dealing with challenge.
  • Achieving calmness and clarity of mind.
  • Responding naturally, spontaneously and appropriately to situations.
  • Transforming aggression and violence into reconciliation.
  • Improved self-confidence and self-esteem.

Applied Aikido is the practical application of these learnings to daily life, whether personal, organisational, or commercial.

Each individual aikido practitioner experiences and learns from aikido in different ways. This explains why Applied Aikido can be taught in a variety of modes, with a variety of learning outcomes, and using a range of concepts, principles, and practices.

Here is how Applied Aikido can be delivered

  • Training individuals to manage verbal aggression.
  • Helping emergency call centre staff deal with highly-stressed customers.
  • Teaching community groups how to build resilience during Covid-19.
  • Training leaders to engage their teams confidently and resourcefully.
  • Providing young people with tools to manage bullying and violence.
  • Coaching teams in accessing creative states for innovative problem-solving.

And much more.

Interested in how Applied Aikido could help you or your organisation?

We would be happy to help you assess whether Applied Aikido could be relevant and useful for you, your organisation or your business. We could direct you to the Applied Aikido Professional most suited to your needs.