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Applied Aikido Virtual Meetings

Zoom Meetings

Applied aikido Association is organizing regular zoom meetings. Some are reserved for Applied Aikido Professionals, some are open to all interested people.

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Technical infos to join our Applied Aikido zoom meetings

Note: The max number of participants is 100, so don’t join too late

The meeting will be using  Zoom technology.
You can connect with your browser app but it may be easier to download the ZOOM app for your computer

Download the Zoom App on your device

Please check your loudspeaker and microphone before the meeting
When you register, you will receive a link to join the meeting

Let us meet virtually..

.. to exchange about Aikido applied to specific domains. We propose regular virtual meeting using Zoom as platform.
In the future we plan to organize meetings in other languages, French, Spanish,.. If you are interested please contact us).

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Members announcements

Belgium (French): Discover AïkiCom 3.0
2 sessions: 26-27 Oct (we), 14-15 Nov (Week)

Past Zoom Sessions

(members of Applied Aikido Association may access the recorded version of the past sessions)

Panel Discussion:  What does Applied Aikido mean to you ?

Oct 16 2019: Zoom Meeting

  • What does Applied Aikido mean on a conscious and sub-conscious level?
  • Is there something like Applied Aikido as a body of knowledge ?
  • How do you apply aikido in your life and work ?

We will exchange in subgroups and in plenary. A wonderful opportunity to meet and learn to know each other.

This session has been recorded and is available to our members

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