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Zoom Meetings

Applied aikido Association is organizing regular zoom meetings. Some are reserved for Applied Aikido Professionals, some are open to all interested people.

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Let us meet virtually..

.. to exchange about Aikido applied to specific domains. We propose regular virtual meeting using Zoom as platform.
In the future we plan to organize meetings in other languages, French, Spanish,.. If you are interested please contact us).

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Belgium (French): Discover AïkiCom 3.0
2 sessions: 26-27 Oct (we), 14-15 Nov (Week)

Past Zoom Sessions

(members of Applied Aikido Association may access the recorded version of the past sessions)

June 1 2020: Meet the Pro: Luke Archer


April 13 2020: Introduction to The Embodiment of Peace Matrix

Our entire species has been called home, called to rest, called to settle inside.

There is an inertia toward our externalized habits of social engagement.
The Embodiment of Peace Matrix is a template for moving inward toward a stable internal stance which opens possibilities for greater connectivity in the realm of relationship. During this global pause in active social engagement, let’s take time to dive deeply inward and practice our individual Embodiment of Peace.
When the world re-emerges with more active social interaction, let’s be prepared to engage more deeply from within ourselves to offer greater calm, expanded awareness, and possibilities for more harmonious relationship with others and the planet.


Disclosure and Copyright Permissions:
The Embodiment of Peace Matrix© is available for use by permission.
The permission for use through the this Applied Aikido Association presentation is for personal use only.
Content and materials may not be used for the purposes of teaching or other distribution without further training and certification with Two Rivers.

This presentation is an offering through Braided Way Peace Collective 501(c)(3)

Braided Way Peace Collective  A resource for the study of peace through education, training, and contemplative and embodied practices.
“Weaving the Arts of Peace into the Fabric of the Community”

April 2 2020: How to apply Aikido to Communication during lockdown

The coronavirus quarantine has radically altered our daily habits.

We spend the day sharing a limited space and tensions may arise. To add to our stress, our dojos are closed at the moment when we need them most. During this 60-minute free session, we will discover how we can apply aikido principles to stay in an “aiki-minded” communication mode, how to get back to our center, and how to turn to aiki when things around us turn sour.

This session will be followed by a feedback period where we will share our insights about this class and about the application of aikido in our daily communication.

This on line workshop will take place on the Zoom video conference platform. To join the meeting you need a good internet connect, a microphone and a camera on your laptop or desktop. For mobile devices,  you need to download the Zoom App in the APP STORE, or on GOOGLE PLAY for Android devices.

March 23 2020: Let’s pause and think about impact of aikido in our life (March 23)

Due to Corona virus lockdown, many dojos had to close their doors. It is a good opportunity to pause and think about what aikido is bringing into our life.
Let us meet and share about how to apply aikido in our life and at work.

Oct 23 2019: Accessing Peak Performance Through Aiki by Jamie Zimron

Applied Aikido invites you to this special presentation and discussion with Sensei Jamie Leno Zimron.

Please tune in and join in as Jamie Sensei distills Aiki-based “Essentials For Excellence / Body-Mind Mastery Technology,” then details a wide array of real-world applications in sports, business, psychotherapy, healing, stress reduction, leadership, team-building, mediation, education, peacemaking.

She will share key principles and stories, and lead exercises for practical ways to engage non-martial artists so they can benefit from the generic power and purpose of Aiki.

Speaker Bio:

Jamie Leno Zimron generously shares inspiration from her decades working in dojos and as a professional athlete / LPGA pro golfer, MFT Marriage Family Therapist, bodyworker and somatic trainer, corporate speaker, executive coach, and international citizen’s diplomat developing Aiki peace-building projects.

Jamie Sensei established the Aikido Arts Center of San Francisco (1980-1994) and co-founded the Association of Women Martial Arts Instructors. She is the creator of The KiAi Way Inc. training company and KiAi Golf instruction. As an Aiki Extensions Board member and dual American-Israeli citizen, she has been instrumental in launching the Middle East Aikido Project, Training Across Borders, Israel Women’s Martial Arts Federation and PeaceCamp Initiative. She works with Aikido Ethiopia and Israeli and Palestinian Aikido; applies Aikido with CEOs, athletes, young leaders, trauma victims and therapists; and is excited about Aiki Extensions’ Seed Grant Initiative helping to fund worthy new Aiki-based projects.

For her prolific and effective efforts, Jamie Sensei received the 2016 Award of Excellence from the National Women’s Martial Arts Federation, and the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Pacific Association of Women Martial Artists. She continues to guest instruct and speak and to be an Aiki ambassador, and is currently writing a comprehensive ‘mainstream’ guidebook of this work.

May 13 2019: Panel discussion” creating an Applied Aikido online course

13 May 2019 “Panel discussion” creating an Applied Aikido online course
What can be done online ? Can Applied Aikido be taught via Internet ?
What are the basic principles, exercises we all share ?
Are you interested to collaborate to set up an online course (a MOOC) ?

April 10 2019: Meet the Pro: Jerry Green

Our guest for this “Meet the Pro” zoom session will be Jerry Green.
Retired Attorney Jerry A. Green graduated from University of California in Berkeley. He studied Somatics, Structural Integration and has trained in Aikido since 1980.

March 6 2019: Meet the Pro: Mark Leitzel

On March 6 (12PM MST) we welcomed  Mark Leitzel who is a Applied aikido professional for 20 years.

We will discover his practice with youth and in schools. Mark will explain his Embodiment of Peace Matrix©, a unique approach to the navigation and reconciliation of conflict. The training curriculum combines somatics, mindfulness, and cognitive behavioral modalities with action oriented and contemplative practices. Grounded in nearly three decades of clinical experience and supported by decades of training in the martial wisdom practice of Aikido, The Matrix exemplifies the study and art of peaceful conflict resolution and reconciliation.


November 29 2018: Let us meet – Meeting

Open sessions. Let us meet and present ourselves

October 25 2019: How Applied aikido can be an opportunity in schools

The main topic of this meeting is: How Applied aikido can be an opportunity in schools

October 16 2019: Panel Discussion:  What does Applied Aikido mean to you ?

  • What does Applied Aikido mean on a conscious and sub-conscious level?
  • Is there something like Applied Aikido as a body of knowledge ?
  • How do you apply aikido in your life and work ?

We will exchange in subgroups and in plenary. A wonderful opportunity to meet and learn to know each other.