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13 May 2019 “Panel discussion” creating an Applied Aikido online course
What can be done online ? Can Applied Aikido be taught via Internet ?
What are the basic principles, exercises we all share ?
Are you interested to collaborate to set up an online course (a MOOC) ?

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Time difference table:

Brussels, Belgium         21 h 00 CEST
London, United Kingdom    20 h 00 BST
New York, USA. 15 h 00 EDT
 Portland, USA             12 h 00 PDTSa
San Francisco, USA        12 h 00 PDT 

Past Zoom sessions

6 March 2019 “Meet the Pro”: Mark Leitzel
We will discover his practice with youth and in schools. Mark will explain his Embodiment of Peace Matrix©, a unique approach to the navigation and reconciliation of conflict. The training curriculum combines somatics, mindfulness, and cognitive behavioral modalities with action oriented and contemplative practices. Grounded in nearly three decades of clinical experience and supported by decades of training in the martial wisdom practice of Aikido, The Matrix exemplifies the study and art of peaceful conflict resolution and reconciliation.

10 April 2019 “Meet the Pro”: Jerry Green
Our guest for this “Meet the Pro” zoom session will be Jerry Green.
Retired Attorney Jerry A. Green graduated from University of California in Berkeley. He studied Somatics, Structural Integration and has trained in Aikido since 1980.

Let us meet virtually to exchange about Aikido applied to specific domains. We propose regular virtual meeting using Zoom as platform.
In the future we plan to organize meetings in other languages, French, Spanish,.. If you are interested please contact us)

We selected 3 domains: Business, Education and Peace.

In the startup phase we will undifferentiated the domains. We’ll announce the topic of the meeting in the invitation.
We plan to propose zoom meetings by domain in 2019

We plan meeting, on fixed dates but:

  • every last Thursday of each month in October, November and December at 08:00 CEST
  • every last Wednesday of each month in January, February, March at 08:00 CEST
  • every last Monday of each month in April, May, June at 08:00 CEST

What happen during these meetings

  • We ask you to registers as potential participants by subscribing (see below) to the Zoom Meetings Newsletter. These newsletter will announce the topic for the next meetings,  make a call for presenters, topics, …
  • For each meeting, we ask you to register :
    • via EventBrite ticketing website (link will be placed in the event description, see below on this page)
    • we need to be sure there will be enough participants for each meeting (if not enough participants 24h before the meeting, the meeting can be cancelled)
  • Structure of the meeting:
    • check-in
    • one topic presented by a participant (with practice if applicable)
    • meeting in sub-groups to exchange about the topic and/or other subjects
    • check-out
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • During the meeting you will be able to chat, add links, references,..
  • A Google Doc will be created for each meeting so that we can write down comments, add useful information. The link will be shared at the beginning of the meeting
  • The meeting can be recorded (only the topic presentation part) and made available to the list of potential participants so that they can watch it after the meeting

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